Apple is considering moving away from Apple’s control of 30 percent


Apple will supposedly revolutionize the pricing model on iTunes – and was the author, rather than for clients. The previously known as Apple-tax sales commission of 30 percent of that flows into Apple’s cash, is to be abandoned after a media report. The current regulation dates back to 2003 and is clearly out of date. This is also due to the now strengthened Konkurrenz.

Since the beginning of Apple’s 30/70 percent price model with the authors in the review, who believe that the commission is simply too high and they do not earn enough. According to a report <a href=“″ target=“> Financial Times this model now faces a Reformation.

This could be due not only to the competition, probably depending on the interests of the originators less abknöpft the Financial Times opinion. Even regulators could thus be taken that Apple performs like a quasi-monopoly and the prices dictated the argument.

Apple has indicated that last year all the app developers that also the 70/30 model subject, 10 billion dollars paid out, which were collected through the sales of their apps and in-app sales from Apple.

In order for a competition for the better terms could be initiated against the mainly rival Google turns. As the Financial Times writes that the presumption is in the air that Android developers now generate more revenue than iOS developers. So far, most apps first appeared in an iOS and if successful then in a version of Android.

Apple to introduce the WWDC allegedly also a new music streaming service as a subscription for $ 10 a month. The subscriber could then unlimited listen to Internet radio, the play lists to be compiled by well-known DJs and musicians. Rivals such as Spotify, Deezer and Rdio also take 10 US dollars per month from subscribers. If the customer wants to buy a streamed song on iOS or OS X, also subject to a sales commission of 30 percent for Apple. That should change now, reports the Financial Times, which has even erected a paywall, but regardless of iOS or OS X works in the browser.

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