Apple Music: suspicion of unfair competition stands in the room


The agreements between Apple and the major record companies have created authorities in the US and in Europe on the plan. The companies are suspected of wanting to build not only a music streaming service, but also the competition that offers free music streaming accounts to try pushing unfair competition out of business. So far, however, there appears to be no real evidence, but only a Verdacht.

The agreement between Apple and several major record companies, which form the basis for Apple’s music streaming service Apple Music , is currently under review by two US states. The states of New York and Connecticut doubt that the business was only concluded with the intention of allowing you to stream music through Apple Music. It is suspected in the room that the record labels along with Apple want to build a streaming service with the intention to force its competitors from the market.

Spotify & Co. are the record companies, has long been an eyesore because they offer a free, ad-supported version of its streaming services.

The Universal Music Group (UMG) has given to the authorities of the two states under oath that it will not attempt to block free music. The authorities of both States have accepted the testimony of UMG. However, the investigation is not over. Both countries put the investigations continue and the European Union has announced to look at the agreement in more detail.


Apple and the record companies could not agree long. Allegedly, the contracts were not signed until the beginning of last week. Until the keynote of the World Wide Developers Conference on June 8, it was unclear whether Apple’s own music streaming service can imagine. Finally, Apple introduced the Apple Music service but at a price of $ 9.99 a month. The first three months are free for users. For 14.99 euros user Apple Music can share with their family, making a total of up to six family members can use the same account.

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