Huawei claims: Huawei SmartWatch is more beautiful than the Apple Watch


Huawei has decided to revise its first SmartWatch with the Android operating system Wear again before they hit the market? comes. Both the hardware and the design will improve once the Chinese company. Here Huawei has high standards. A company spokesman stated during a presentation of the SmartWatch in Munich that Huawei Watch was more beautiful than the Apple Watch

Huawei spits sounds great: A spokesman for the Chinese company announced during a presentation of Huawei Watch said in Munich that the clock is more beautiful than the Apple Watch. As an argument of employees Huawei led among others to the round display of the SmartWatch. Now Huawei SmartWatch actually looks very appealing. Whether the clock but actually „more beautiful“ than the Apple Watch depends on the viewer.

In addition to the design of a SmartWatch also raises the question of the hardware and the functionality. The latter is already largely known: On the Huawei Watch the Android operating system Wear will be used. The range of functions is therefore correspond approximately to the Moto 360 by Motorola. Wanted on the hardware or Huawei could hardly reveal anything. So we do not know for example, how long is the battery life of the SmartWatch.

The Chinese company Huawei has its first SmartWatch, the Huawei Watch, presented for the first time a few months ago at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. Now Huawei has, however, announced that the company will review the SmartWatch again. The Huawei Watch is therefore coming to market in September. Originally Huawei assumed that the SmartWatch could be ready for the market as early as June or July.

Huawei has published on its website some pictures of Huawei Watch. If the operating system and the unknown hardware specifications are neglected, so looking at the clock only under the design point of view, the SmartWatch looks outstanding. But it’s really more beautiful than the Apple Watch? What do you think? Post your opinion under the article or on the official Mac Life Facebook page.

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