iOS 8 video Tip: website automatically complete by Top Level Domain – Here’s


The keyboard of the iPhone or the iPad can help you with many things and make your life easier. For example, the iOS keyboard completes the top-level domain of a website automatically when you press the correct key. You have the choice between several well-known top level domains such as .com, .org. or .com. We show you in video tip, pointed goes.

Of course, you can almost just google any website in the browser of the iPhone or the iPad. However, then obtained a further step: users have to wait for the search results and click on the appropriate link. In addition, it is possible that Google does not find the page or displays only on the second page of search results, if it is a lesser-known small website, such as a small blog, is.

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User can enter directly into the address bar of the browser on the iPhone or iPad the web site. The keyboard supports the users: users have the top level domain not type in manually, as long as it is a much-used Top Level Domain such as .de, .com or .net


Just call the browser of your iOS device and enter in the address bar the name of the website. At the end of the name of the website you hold the button for the point on the iOS keyboard. The keyboard acknowledges that there should be a website and is now proposing a number of well-known top-level domains. Now when you wipe on the desired top-level domain, and only then take your finger off the screen, the keyboard automatically adds the selected top-level domain in the address bar.

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