OS X 10.10.4 Sixth beta version available for public users – final version is coming


Since Monday the sixth beta version of OS X is 10.10.4 to download. Both registered developers and participants of public beta testing can install the build number 14E36b the new version – either via the Mac App Store or the Mac Developer Center. In addition to a new Photos app Apple will repair with OS X 10.10.4 several bugs, including the persistent Wi-Fi bug.

Apple has released 10.10.4 Yosemite last Monday a new beta version of OS X. The beta version carries the build number 14E36b and is registered both software developers and the public beta testers available. The sixth beta version appears only around a week after the fifth beta version. Users can download the new beta version of the Mac App Store as a software update or the Mac Developer Center Download.

Apple is testing beta versions of OS X 10.10.4 been around two months. Originally we expected to publish the final version of OS X 10.10.4 during the World Wide Developers Conference last week. Exactly when Apple will release OS X now 10.10.4 is unclear, but it should not be long.

Apple will launch with OS X 10.10.4 among others a new Photos app for OS X. There will also be new emoji. By the way, the company from Cupertino will also fix some bugs. One of the bugs, the 10:10 already exists since the original release of OS X, is the so-called Wi-Fi Bug. Users of all versions of OS X 10.10 reporting that their Wi-Fi connections break repeatedly. Apple is not yet been possible to fix this problem. In OS X 10.10.4 Apple will therefore revert to the old software routine mDNSResponder who was replaced discvoryd with the introduction of OS X 10:10 by the new routine.

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