Phil Schiller raises critical questions: issues are controversial memory size, battery life and USB Type-C


Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller has answered some critical questions in an interview, the many Apple users might be interested in burning. This includes, among others, the fact that the iPhone is sold 6-entry model with 16 GB, a version with 32 GB is not available. Also Schiller commented on battery life and thinner and thinner design of products as well as the new 12-inch MacBook.

Phil Schiller, the marketing chief of Apple, was a guest in the WWDC- edition of „The Talk Show“, the podcast of tech bloggers John Gruber. Schiller, Germany, told and went thereby also referred to the fact that the entry level model of the iPhone is still sold 6 and 6 Plus with 16GB. Because there is no 32GB version, many Apple users have to rely on the 100 euro more expensive model with 64 GB. The marketing chief defended this and referred to the iCloud services. The more customers use the iCloud for securing documents, photos, video and music, the less is the need for a larger space on the devices. By saving on the storage of money, this also get the other components, such as an improved camera, benefit.

This answer, however, is unlikely to make really happy that Apple users because cloud services in many situations, not a substitute may be for locally stored data. Also, there are many who do not want to spend equal to 100 euros more for the next larger memory size, see, however, forced.


battery life vs. thinner products?

blogger John Gruber also talked about the battery life and the fact that Apple is trying to get thinner and thinner products to the market rather than to optimize battery life and performance. Schiller talked about but that Apple had reached the „right balance“ between battery life and thin casing. He stressed that a product that is thicker and has a larger battery, at the same time would weigh more and be more expensive. In addition, it would take longer to charge the gadget. Apple always test all possible options to put together a product and then decide on the best option.

New MacBook

In an interview, Schiller was also addressed to the 12 inch MacBook, which was only equipped with a USB-C port. Although he admitted that the MacBook is not the right product for each customer. However, he believes that Apple is a company that as with its products in the future. Apple must be brave enough to make such decisions and to take the risks involved in purchasing.


Soon online on Daring Fireball

The recording of the interview was streamed live last night. It is assumed that the call will also be released soon on Daring Fireball, John Gruber’s blog.

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