Wallet, notes, news & Cards: Old acquaintances for new app adventure


Wallet, Notes, News & Cards: Old Acquaintances For New App Adventure
Apple has on the keynote of this year’s World Wide Developers Conference a new app called News presented to be the newsroom of the iPhone. In addition, you can plan the public transport in the maps app in the future. The app notes will get several new features while it is actually acting in the new app Wallet to an old app in a new dress.

Apple announced equip several iOS apps with new features. An app will get a new name, a different app, however, is completely new.


Apple will greatly expand its navigation app map. Previously, users could only plan your route by car, on foot or by bike via cards. Now Apple is however also integrate public transport.

Using the app maps user therefore can plan their routes away in future also via several metro stations or bus stops. This card will detect even the various stairways of each metro stations. Apple calls this function Transit. In Germany Transit will initially be available only for Berlin.


The App notes will get some new features. Users are able to create checklists in the revised App. It will also be possible to insert photos directly in the app notes. In addition, notes will be part of the share button. In this way, users will for example to insert a link to a note by simply clicking on „parts“ in the browser.

The most exciting new feature of Notes is that users can draw in the future directly in the app. Drawings are just as easily can thus customize how can draw arrows, for example between different words or pictures.


When app Wallet is not about a new app. Apple will rename the existing app Passbook. In future Passbook is so hot wallet.

The new Passbook will also play a role in Apple pay. Apple will soon pay can also record payback and similar cards. However, the cards are not land directly in Apple pay, but in Wallet.


Apple has presented at the keynote at the start of this year’s World Wide Developers Conference a new app called News. Users will be able to integrate from almost any source in News News. This news has the potential to replace any RSS feed reader. In addition, news will learn over time to and suggest to users based on their previous reading behavior relevant publications, issues and articles.

news but is also aimed at publishers. Among others, the New York Times and Wired will already be involved from the start, at least for the US version of news. How exactly pay model will look like Apple has not betrayed. Schade: News launches initially only in the US, the UK and in Australia. After Germany, the app is not for the time being.

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